Care and Maintenance for butcher block countertops
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Care and Maintenance for butcher block countertopsButcher block countertops provide the convenience that you need when preparing food, they provide outstanding cutting and chopping surface. A good surface can immensely contribute to the character of food being prepared. Butcher blocks will not only provide convenience, but will also make your kitchen more beautiful. Although butcher blocks are durable, and will serve for years without replacing, to prolong their lifespan, you need to properly care and maintain them. Butcher blocks are very important, but they demand care and maintenance. Here are important tips to prolong the lifespan of the butcher blocks, and keep the countertops clean and in an attractive shape.


Maintaining high level of cleanliness is a very important thing you can do for your butcher block. Unlike laminate and stone counters which stain may takes time to penetrate, butcher block will catch blemishes very quickly and display them. The easiest way you can avoid such blemishes that will constantly remind you of your negligence is to remove food waste and scrub block with soapy water to remove any stubborn particles.

After wiping with soapy water, rinse with clean water, remove excess moisture and let it dry. If you constantly do this simple duty, you will keep the beauty of the blocks and significantly prolong the life of your butcher block.

Apart from convenience, butcher block countertops also boosts the aesthetic value of your house. You love to see them clean. A mild scrub may keep your block aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, sanitation is of highest concern. Avoid frequent use of strong cleaning agents because they can leave acrid and any other unhealthy residue on the preparation surface. Advisably, use white vinegar and acetic acid to disinfect the surface. Studies show that combination of vinegar and acetic acid will free butcher block from common bacteria such as salmonella and E-coli.

Although not frequently, use fine-edged spatula or scraper can also help to clean your board. The scrapper will remove the stubborn debris and the moisture.

Use lemon. You can also disinfect blocks by using table salt and lemon juice. The process is quite simple yet it will eliminate microorganisms that cause odor smell and also remove blemishes. You just need to pour salt on the stains, slice lemon in equal half and rub the salt into the stain. Allow the mixture to set all day or overnight and then clean off with a damp sponge. Apart from removing stains, this technique will also get rid of odor like onions and garlic that settles on the cutting board.

Don’t use cooking or vegetable oils to treat butcher blocks. These oils with time spoil and turn rancid thus leaving a sour preparation surface. If you want to use natural oils, walnut, coconut and almond oil are more resistance to turning rancid, but are also susceptible, thus you should be very keen when you use these oil to clean your butcher block.

This should not be much for you! The combination of these techniques will prolong butcher block lifespan and also retain its aesthetic value. You should also check manufacturer’s recommendations here at

Planning a Perfect Kitchen Island
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Kitchen Island with SeatingKitchen is one of the most complicated spaces in your home. When you are remodeling or renovating your kitchen, a large kitchen island can be a great addition. Kitchen islands have been quite popular in recent times. They give your kitchen a completely modern and elegant look. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know regarding kitchen islands.

A well planned kitchen island is considered to be a blessing when it comes to the organization part. It not just adds extra space and storage in your kitchen, but also help you have a larger area to work, especially when you organize a party at your home. Whether you want to use it as a cooking space or dining area to enjoy meals, a large kitchen island offers versatility and plays various roles perfectly.

Placement of Kitchen Islands

While planning the perfect kitchen island, you need to discuss a lot of things with your interior designer. Location and placement are the most important. The center of your kitchen is the best place for a kitchen island. There are many people who want easy access to everything in their kitchens. Moreover, many people want to make their kitchens more functional. Thus, center of your kitchen is considered to be a perfect location. However, if you are looking to get an island for just seating purpose, it will be better to install it in one corner of the kitchen.

You also need to consider the fact that a kitchen primarily serves as a cooking area. Therefore, you should make sure that your kitchen does not have too many obstacles. There should be ample moving space. It is important to ensure that you don’t have to pass through a lot of different things to move from one counter to another. This approach also avoids unnecessary accidents.

What Elements Does A Kitchen Island Contain 

It is important to make sure that you work with only experienced and reputed interior designers while renovating or remodeling your kitchen. This is to ensure that you get the right guidance when deciding the storage space in the kitchen. For instance, if you are fond of cooking, then it is always better to have a cooking range placed on the kitchen island. This way, you will be able to talk to your guests while preparing delicious meals for them.

On the other hand, if you just want to use a large kitchen island for the purpose of seating, then make sure you take care of the storage part. You should install as much storage space as possible to put in your daily cutlery and glass sets. It will be easier for you to locate and use daily utensils without any hassles.

In case your kitchen island is narrow, you may be limited to just a breakfast bar. However, this can act as a bonus if your kitchen is not big enough to provide space for a dining area. You need to understand that a kitchen island is the focal point. Therefore, you should not put a sink in a kitchen island. Otherwise, you will always be drawn towards a pile of washing up that follows. Planning a perfect kitchen island depends on your kitchen size, architecture and design. Therefore, consulting professionals is always a good choice.

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What makes kitchen island designs hugely popular?
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Kitchen IslandsIf you want to keep storage, display, functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen at an optimal level, you will have to identify a top quality kitchen island design. A good kitchen design will always focus on the effective utilization of the space available and nobody wants any unwanted and unused space in their kitchen. In these days, several constraints make home construction extremely limited and you will come across a lot of kitchens with annoying and improperly used little enclaves. In order to make these spaces extremely functional, you will have to follow great kitchen island designs and it can be said without any doubt that kitchen islands have become an integral aspect of kitchen design, especially when you want to create a clear division between the cooking and eating area.

Kitchen island designs can be classified into two categories and they include temporary and permanent island designs. Permanent islands will always be an integral component of the main kitchen design and temporary islands can be described as convenient additions to a kitchen that lacks proper storage space. Kitchen island in general will definitely increase the counter work area in the best possible manner and creating a focal point, where your friends and family can come together to eat or talk to the cook, will become a reality as well. All these benefits can be associated with outstanding kitchen island designs.

Temporary or mobile kitchen islands offer a lot of benefits. With mobile kitchens, you will be able to alter the design of your kitchen on a consistent basis and creating an innovative and fresh look can be achieved with minimal effort. In addition to that, you will be able to move your storage space to a more convenient area, based on your varying requirements. Your cooking requirements during a dinner party or a festive season will be completely different with your requirements on a normal Monday evening and a kitchen island can be used to redesign your kitchen in whatever way you like. For example; you can move it closer to the oven or you can take it out of the room for installing a dining table.

Portable kitchen islands can be transported in an easy manner when you decide to move home and the assembling process of the island can be described as extremely simple. For homes with open plan, a visual separation for the space can be achieved with kitchen islands and an island can be effectively positioned for facilitating the traffic pattern in your kitchen. If you want to create more space for kitchen appliances an island is the best option available and you will be able to add a refrigerator, cooktop or microwave to any island with great amount of ease and comfort as well. The only limitation is that a kitchen island will not be able to cook for you and at the same time, it will solve all your storage and traffic issues in your kitchen with utmost efficiency. It can be said without an iota of doubt that all these benefits have played the most important role in making kitchen island designs extremely popular.

Tips on buying butcher block countertops
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Butcher Block CountertopAre you interested in buying butcher block countertops? There are many places available from which you can decide to buy your countertops from. First before you buy the countertops you should take your space available to install the butcher block into consideration. If possible you should carry out actual measurement and have exact dimensions in your mind before walking into any store for you to buy the countertops .This is necessary for you to be able to buy countertops that will be able to serve you satisfactorily .In buying your butcher block countertops it is necessary for you to save. The following are simple tips on how you can save while buying your countertops.

Compare prices in different stores

Different stores will tend to offer different prices for their countertops .It is highly advisable for you to try and look for stores which offer some considerable discounts in their countertops. In doing your research it will depend on the store that you are buying from. You may decide for example to buy your countertops from online stores or local stores. The way you will do your research while buying your countertops from online stores is different from the way you will do your research while buying locally. In buying locally you will to do the following.

Asking around from people who have bought the butcher block countertops

You should try and meet people who have been able to buy the countertops from stores in your locality before you. You should ask them for opinions on the sale of countertops in different stores in your locality. In this case you will be required to meet different people who have bought the countertops from different places. In your research it is advisable to try and observe the butcher blocks installed in different places in your locality and check on their quality.

Reading reviews online about the sale of butcher blocks in different online stores.

For you to achieve the best in buying butcher block countertops from online stores reading reviews is very important. Through reading reviews online you will be able to get to know different opinions of different people who have bought the butcher blocks from different stores. Through this reviews you will be able to know the best stores for you to buy from. In reading reviews you should take keen interest on the ability of the stores to ship to you the butcher blocks immediately you buy from them. This is necessary in case you have an urgent need to use your butcher blocks.

Buying butcher block countertops directly from the manufacturers

For you to save in buying your countertops you can decide to buy directly from the manufacturers. In buying from the manufacturers you will avoid any exploitation that may be put in place by the untrustworthy middlemen. You may be stressed on how to get to the manufacturers directly, it is quite easy what you need to do is to visit the official website of the manufacturers and enquire on their product sale. Genuine manufacturers will inform you of their online stores from which you can buy the butcher block countertops at considerable prices.

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